Immediately after the procedure your tattoo will look much darker and much more defined (as if it were painted on) than your final result.

This is the immediate healing process that is embedding the ink in your skin.

Do not worry, the color will be significantly lighter and the overall appearance soft & natural.

You will experience exfoliation (peeling) process, this will go on for about 5 days and should be complete in a week.


Please know that it is normal for there to be small areas of color loss and adjustments to be made. These will be fixed at  your next appointment.


Please consider your new tattoo as a "medical" procedure and as such you are responsible to follow the aftercare instructions given below.

Remember your tattoo is not complete until all of the follow up treatments have been performed and you are fully healed.

If you can manage your expectations in a realistic manner & try not to expect immediate results – your patience will be rewarded.


Upon leaving the studio, keep your tattoo treatment clean and immediately return home avoiding sun exposure, dust, dirt or unsanitary conditions.


 At home please wash your tattoo every three to four hours using a mild non-perfumed soap. 

Simply splash with water and BLOT dry.

DO NOT RUB> Rubbing you tattoo could lift the ink out of your tattoo.

Do not use cleansing creams, astringents or acne cleansers.

Please change your bedding, and if possible wear a headband to sleep.

Hair can irritate you new ink, and we need to keep the bacterial load to a minimum.


Do Not Let Your Skin Get Too Dry & Crack>

If that occurs please cleanse as above and gently coat your tattoo with the product I have provided for you.


Do Not Pick, Scrub, Rub or Play with the epithelial crust that forms.

Never touch the procedure.

Allow the epithelial crust to flake off by itself.

If that crust is removed before it is ready, the pigment underneath can be pulled out.


Do not use makeup near the procedure area for at least 4-5 days.

Eyeliner: Purchase a new wand of mascara and makeup if possible to avoid contamination or bacterial infection.


Do not work or play in the sun for a full week. 

Do not swim in the ocean, soak in a hot tub or sweat as salt (saline/sweat) could fade your tattoo ink before the skin has healed.


Let you skin heal and keep your tattoo CLEAN. 


Always use a sun block after the procedure is healed to protect from sun fading.


Therefore with all of the above said: I assume no responsibility if you do not agree to nor perform these aftercare instructions precisely.


Failure to follow these after care instructions may result in infections, pigment loss, or discoloration.



Following a micropigmentation session lips will react differently than other cosmetic tattooing procedures.


Immediately after the procedure & for 24 hours > Ice when needed.

The next day please keep lips moist with a light moisturizer. 

Never let the skin get dry or crack.

Shape: Immediately after the procedure lips may appear uneven or crooked due to swelling. 

Please do not be concerned. 

The swelling will diminish after (24-48) hours and the lips will return to their natural shape.

If you start to get a cold sore call your doctor immediately.


Client who have the virus will be given a prescription for an antivirial medication such as ZOVIRAX or VALTREX. This is taken 1 week prior to the tattooing to prevent cold sores.

If you suspect you have cold sores:

PLEASE call your doctor immediately> then call me.


Do not hesitate to call should you have any questions.

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